Know It, Show It - Google Classroom Distance Learning for FIRST GRADE
Know It, Show It - Google Classroom Distance Learning for FIRST GRADE
Know It, Show It - Google Classroom Distance Learning for FIRST GRADE
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Know It, Show It - Google Classroom Distance Learning for FIRST GRADE

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This Digital Literacy First Grade Distance Learning Packet and Digital Math First Grade Distance Learning Packet is a Digital Learning Bundle and is perfect for sending home with students for literacy games and math games students can do at home. These will help your students with back to school remote learning ela and math. (And they will be perfect to use in language arts centers when we resume in-classroom learning).

First Grade distance learning days don't have to be hard. We can send this digital learning bundle home with our students and their families instead of a printed packet to make this distance learning time easier.

You can send home families digital learning phonics games and math games with this growing bundle. Your students can work at home with these standards-based games. This is perfect for distance learning first grade for remote learning with Google classrooms.

The 1st grade Distance Learning Packet with digital learning resources includes 1st grade distance learning skills.

*All of the games in this bundle are ALSO included in our Kindergarten Distance Learning Bundle. If you already own our Kindergarten bundle, there is no need to purchase the 1st grade bundle.* If you want these games, PLUS more review skills, purchase our Kindergarten Bundle instead.

This Google Classroom Distance Learning for Literacy for First Grade includes:

Google Slides Reading Literacy Games included in the 1st grade Google Slides Activities Distance Learning Digital Bundle:


  • CVC Words (2 versions)
  • CCVC Words (2 versions)
  • CVCC Words (2 versions)
  • CVCe Words (2 versions)
  • Short Vowels (2 versions)
  • Long Vowels (2 versions)
  • Short Vowel, Long Vowel Sort
  • Word Families (one for each vowel)
  • Vowel Teams (2 versions)
  • Bossy R (2 versions)
  • L Blends (3 versions)
  • R Blends (3 versions)
  • S Blends (3 versions)
  • Mixed Blends (2 versions)
  • Ending Blends (2 versions)
  • Digraphs (3 versions)
  • Diphthongs (2 versions)
  • Trigraphs (2 versions)


  • Syllables (2 versions)
  • Segmenting
  • Compound Words (2 versions)
  • Making New Words (2 versions)


  • Punctuation


  • Pre-Primer Sight Words
  • Primer Sight Words
  • Comprehension


  • CVC Words Lowercase(one for each vowel)
  • CVCC Words
  • CCVC Words
  • CVCe Words

Google Slides Math Activities included in the 1st grade Google Slides Distance Learning Digital Bundle:


  • Skip Counting (version for 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s)
  • What’s Missing (2 versions)
  • Patterns (2 versions)
  • Expanded Form (2 versions)
  • 100’s and 120’s Chart (2 versions)
  • Number Order
  • Comparing With Symbols


  • Addition to 10 (6 versions)
  • Addition to 20 (6 versions)
  • Subtraction to 10 (6 versions)
  • Subtraction to 20 (6 versions)


  • 2D Shapes (4 versions)
  • 3D Shapes (4 versions)
  • Capacity
  • Length
  • Weight


  • Graphing (picture, tally, bar)
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Place Value


  • Subitizing (3 versions)
  • Decomposing to 10 (2 versions)
  • Decomposing to 20 (2 versions)
  • One More / One Less (2 versions)
  • Ten More / Ten Less (2 versions)
  • Which Is Less? (2 versions)
  • Which Is More? (2 versions)


  • Time (2 versions)
  • US Money (6 versions)
  • British Money (3 versions)
  • Canadian Money (3 versions)

**This is a Google Slides digital activity. Please make sure you have a free Gmail account so you can save to your Google Drive. When you send it to your students, they will not need a Gmail account to do the activities.

**Please read the step-by-step instructions on how to use this product before leaving a review, getting started, or sending it to your students.** You must make a copy on your own Google Drive before sharing or it will not work.

This digital resource is original work. It was created for personal, classroom use only. It is a digital activity that can be used with Google Slides, Google Drive, and Google Classroom. Approval by or endorsement of this product by Google is neither intended nor implied. I am not affiliated or associated with Google.

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