Beavers: An Animal Study
Beavers: An Animal Study
Beavers: An Animal Study
Beavers: An Animal Study
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Beavers: An Animal Study

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Engage your class in an exciting hands-on experience learning all about beavers! Beavers: An Animal Study is perfect for science in Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classrooms and packed full of inviting science activities.

Students will learn about the difference between beavers and otters, learning about animals that are rodents and not, parts of a beaver, and a beaver’s life cycle. When students are done they can complete a beaver research project. The Beavers: An Animal Study pack is great for homeschoolers, kids craft activities, and to add to your unit studies!

  • Downloadable
  • Hands-on experience
  • Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade
  • Differentiate between beavers and otters
  • Differentiate between rodents and not
  • Beaver’s Life cycle
  • Beaver Research Project
  • Complete Unit Study 

Here’s what teachers are saying about this product!

“Excellent pre and post activities after visiting the Maryland Science Museum, Baltimore and viewing the 3D movie on the Beaver’s characteristics and lifestyle. Thanks for this additional experience.”

“So engaging! My students loved learning about Beavers I had to buy the sea turtle bundle. I love your products!”

“I absolutely love your resources! This Beaver Animal Study is perfect for science. I am using them with Level II special education students. They are easy for the kids to follow and allows them to participate in collaborative discussions.”

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Inside you will find:

  • Science Lesson Plans for the week
  • Definition Posters – 9 pages
  • Beavers and Otters Venn Diagram Anchor Chart Pieces – 2 pages
  • Beavers and Otters PowerPoint – 13 pages
  • Beavers and Otters Posters (exact same as PowerPoint above) – 13 pages
  • Beavers and Otters Writing and Venn Diagram Worksheet – 3 pages
  • Beavers PowerPoint – 23 pages
  • Beavers Posters (exact same as PowerPoint above) – 23 pages
  • Beaver Can Have Are –2 pages
  • Am I a Rodent? (with real animal pictures) – 7 pages
  • Am I a Rodent? Worksheet – 1 page
  • Parts of a Beaver Poster – 1 page
  • Parts of a Beaver Worksheet – 2 pages
  • Beaver Fact Book (2 versions included) – 3 pages
  • Beaver Research Project Craftivity – 3 pages

Because this is a large resource, it will come to you as a .zip file. If you do not now how to access a zipped file, click here to find out.

Please note that this is a digital resource so you can start using this resource immediately. 🙂


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