Blends Emergent Readers with Activities Bundle
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Blends Emergent Readers with Activities Bundle

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Each Blend emergent reader book set comes in color and black and white and includes a student booklet, a large print teacher book, and several hands-on activities for students to show what they know and practice reading words in different ways.


The emergent readers with activities are an easy way to expand the emergent readers past just reading the books over and over again. It allows the students to read in new and different ways to combat boredom when rereading emergent readers.


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Inside this Blends Emergent Readers Bundle you will find:

  • 23 emergent readers, each focusing on a different blend (or blend type) and 2-3 different sight words
  • 4 larger print teacher books for modeling and group reads
  • 2 Pocket chart activities for each emergent reader to practice reading
  • 3 differentiated short vowel worksheets for each emergent reader to practice reading and writing the sight words.


Blend emergent reader books:

BL: I, a, have

BR: she, a, has

CL: I, can, on, for

CR: is, a, there

DR: can, a, you

FL: see, we, the
FR: is, a, this
GL: have, you, the, are
GR: are, a, you, can
PL: has, he, the, not
PR: can, know, I

SC: you, yes, have
SK: you, I, see
SL: can, has, the, she
SM: can, am, see
SN: she, he, can
SP: is, a, that
ST: the, is, where

SW: can, I
TR: have, a, I
L Blends: I, can, in, use

R Blends: a, do, you, or

S Blends: can, you, like, him, her


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