Kindergarten Science Experiments for June
Kindergarten Science Experiments for June
Kindergarten Science Experiments for June
Kindergarten Science Experiments for June
A Dab of Glue Will Do

Kindergarten Science Experiments for June

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Engage your class exciting hands-on science experiments this June! Kindergarten Science Experiments for June can also be used in Pre-K and First Grade curriculum. This is perfect for summer science!

This resource contains four different science experiments – some seasonal and some evergreen. Each experiment has step-by-step instructions and pictures showing how to complete the experiment. There is also a recording sheet for your students as they complete the experiment. There are TWO options for each recording sheet, allowing you to differentiate to your students throughout the year.

This pack is great for homeschoolers and can easily be added to your unit studies at any time of the year!

  • Downloadable
  • Hands-on experience
  • Four different science experiments
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Differentiated recording sheets
  • Perfect for homeschoolers
  • Great addition to unit studies
  • Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade 

See what other teachers are saying about Kindergarten Science Experiments for June:

“Thank you! My class loved doing these experiments, very engaging. The rockets and the bubbles were the biggest hits.”

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Kindergarten Science Experiments for May includes: 

Like mentioned above, each experiment above comes with step-by-step instructions, with pictures, and two differentiated recording sheets.

Make a Rocket
Leakproof Bag
Bubble Experiment
Ice Cream in a Bag

Please note that this is a digital resource so you can start using this resource immediately. 🙂


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