Kindergarten Summer Review
Kindergarten Summer Review
Kindergarten Summer Review
Kindergarten Summer Review
Kindergarten Summer Review
A Dab of Glue Will Do

Kindergarten Summer Review

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The perfect NO PREP Kindergarten Summer Review to help your kindergarten students with hands-on learning over summer break! Give your students going into First Grade fun review printables to help prevent the summer slide and set them up for First Grade success. This First Grade prep packet is also perfect for a back to school refresher that will have your students ready for the new school year in no time.

This kindergarten summer review packet is packed full of engaging homework review activities that will bring a smile to their sweet faces as they work on math, language arts, social studies, and science! Parents will enjoy the student’s focus on summer homework and First Grade teachers will LOVE their new students ready for First Grade work.

Simply printstaple, and send home with your students before the end of year.

  • Downloadable
  • Math, language arts, social studies and science
  • Hands-on learning
  • No-prep printable review packet
  • Over 100 pages
  • Avoid the summer slide

Here’s what teachers are saying about this product!

“This is a perfect review of skills taught in Kindergarten to help thwart off the summer slide!”

“A HUGE help so I didn’t have to recreate the wheel. I could pick and choose pages that I wanted to share with my kinders. Thanks!”

“A very informative skill packet that is going to help my Kindergarten students practice skills all summer long!”

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Inside you will find:

There are 54 pages of language arts, 31 pages of math activities, 15 pages of science, and 4 pages of social studies.

Language Arts
1) Write the Letters (Write uppercase and lowercase letters - 7 pages)
2) Alphabet Trace (Trace uppercase letters A-Z)
3) Letters A to Z (Fill in the blank with uppercase letters)
4) Rainbow Words (Rainbow words, the, to, and, a, I, here, help, make, yellow, two, like, this, will, yes, went - 3 pages)
5) Word Shapes (Fill in the word shapes for you, it, in, said, for, play, run, fund, three, funny - 2 pages)
6) Read Trace and Write (up, look, is, go, we, he, was, that, she, on - 2 pages)
7) Word Scramble (Students unscramble little, down, can, see, not, they, but, at, with, all - 2 pages)
8) ABC Order (Place words in alphabetical order for there, out, be, have, am, one, my, me, big, come - 2 pages)
9) Write a Sentence (Write a sentence for blue, red, where, jump, away, do, did, what, so get - 2 pages)
10) Find the Word (Draw line from picture to word)
11) Rhyming Pairs (Draw line to rhyming pair)
12) Rhyming Words (Color two of the three rhyming words)
13) Beginning Sounds (Write the beginning sound for each picture)
14) Ending Sounds (Write the ending sound for each picture)
15) Middle Sounds (Write the middle sound for each picture)
16) Digraph Detective (Color the digraphs according to directions = 2 pages)
17) Color Me Crayon (color the crayons the correct color)
18) Write the Blends (Color the picture and write the blend in blank space = 2 pages)
19) Pail Vowel Sort (Color, cut and glue pictures based on long a and short a vowel sound)
20) Tree Vowel Sort (Color, cut and glue pictures based on long e and short e vowel sound)
21) Ice Cube Vowel Sort (Color, cut and glue pictures based on long i and short i vowel sound)
22) Globe Vowel Sort (Color, cut and glue pictures based on long o and short o vowel sound)
23) Glue Vowel Sort (Color, cut and glue pictures based on long u and short u vowel sound)
24) Long or Short (Sort vowels based on long or short)
25) Splash Into CVC Words (Color picture and sound and write out the letters from the picture)
26) Syllable Fun (Look at the picture and circle the number of syllables each one has)
27) Middle Vowel Fun (Look at the picture and circle the middle vowel)
28)) How Do I Start? (Look at the picture and write the initial sound)
29) How Do I End? (Look at the picture and write the ending sound)
30) Edit the Sentences (Read the sentence and then write it correctly)
31) All About Me (Write your personal information)
32) Let's Write (Read the prompts and write and draw a picture = 3 pages)
22) Flash Cards for Pre-Primer and Primer Dolch Sight Words (7 pages)

1) Number Tracing (Write the numbers 1-20 = 5 pages)
2) Numbers to Twenty (Fill in the blank with numbers 1-20)
3) What’s Next (Write the next number, random 0-20)
4) Base Ten (Count the base ten blocks and cut and paste the correct number)
5) Count and Color (Read number on left side and color that many objects)
6) A Sunny Number Line (Color, cut, and glue numbers 1-10 and write on number line)
7) High Fives (Count by 5s to 100)
8) Skip Countin’ Flip Flops (Count by 2s to 30)
9) Graphing Ocean Animals (Count each ocean animal and graph)
10) Patterns Everywhere (Color, cut, and glue picture to finish pattern)
11) Follow Directions (Read number on left side and count and color that many objects over)
12) After Me I See (Read first number and then write the following numbers)
13) Name the 2D Shape (Using the word box, label each shape)
14) Name the 3D Shape (Using the word box, label each shape)
15) Adding to Ten (Complete addition problems. Use number line if needed)
16) Subtracting From Ten (Complete addition problems. Use number line if needed)
17) Flower Addition and Subtraction (Complete addition and subtraction problems. Color flowers based on answer and code)
18) Stars and Stripes (Complete addition and subtraction problems. Color stars based on answer and code)
19) Around the Clock (Color, cut, and glue digital time to match the analog time)
20) Write the Time (Look at each clock and write the time below)
21) Yes for Less (Color the group with fewer objects in each box)
22) More Please (Color the group with more objects in each box)
23) Color Me Short (Color the shorter object in each box)
24) Color Me Long (Color the longer object in each box)
25) Shapes Everywhere (Color the shapes according to the directions)
26) Graphing Shapes (Count how many objects of each shape and graph)
27) Show Me the Money (Color the coins according to the directions)
28) Addition Word Problems (Read problem and draw a picture to solve it. Write number sentence)
29) Subtraction Word Problems (Read problem and draw a picture to solve it. Write number sentence)

1) Recording Weather (Answer the questions about the weather graph)
2) Living or Nonliving? (Color the living things in the picture.)
3) Where Is My Home? (Draw a line from the animal to its home.)
4) Parts of a Plant (Cute and paste the parts of a plant.)
5) Parts of a Butterfly (Trace the parts of a butterfly.)
6) A Tree Through the Seasons (Color the four trees to represent each season.)
7) Am I Magnetic? (Color the pictures that show magnetic objects.)
8) Sink of Float? Color the pictures of objects that float.)
9) What’s The Matter? (Color the objects based on the directions.)
10) Five Senses (Draw a line from each sense to a picture that shows it in use.)
11) Where’s My Shadow? (Look where sun is positioned and draw where the shadows would be.)
12) Lights Out (Color the objects that make or produce light.)
13) Dental Health (Color the pictures that are good for your teeth and cross out ones that are bad for you.)
14) Life Cycles (Use word bank to complete butterfly and frog life cycle.)
15) Weather (Illustrate the different kinds of weather.)
16) Pumpkin Life Cycle (Color, cut, and glue the pictures into the correct order of a pumpkin life cycle.)

Social Studies
1) Then and Now Sort (Finish sorting the pictures into then and now categories.)
2) Community Helpers (Color the picture and cut and glue the titles to the correct person.)
3) Transportation (Draw a line from the transportation to the actual word.)
4) Needs or Wants (Color the pictures of needs and wants based on the directions.)
5) Goods and Services (Color the pictures of goods and services based on the directions.)

Please note that this is a digital resource so you can start using this resource immediately. 🙂


Please email me before leaving feedback and I will help you! You can contact me here. We're kinda big on customer service around here. We've got your back.

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Melissa L.
United States United States

Summer Review Kinder

I was unable to use this product. It was very disappointing. I probably misread but it said digital & could be shared with my class so I bought it. As it turned out it could not be shared digitally so my only option was to print for everyone. Ink & paper limitations did not allow. Very disappointed for my kids & my money. Again, could have been a misread in my part.


A Dab of Glue Will Do

Thanks for the feedback Melissa! The Summer Review products are described as printable resources to "print, staple, and send home with your students" to review Kindergarten skills. It is a digital download that you can download and begin using immediately after purchase.

Mary L.
United States United States

It had what we needed to put together a summer review. TY.

Barbara M.
United States United States

“Loved This Book”

Totally enjoyed the activities.