May Math and Literacy Centers for Pre-K
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May Math and Literacy Centers for Pre-K

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This bundle of centers has 40 seasonal and holiday-themed math and literacy centers for Pre-K students for the month of May

This bundle includes 20 math centers and 20 literacy centers that are seasonal and holiday-themed, perfect for planning out your center rotations for the ENTIRE month. 

 In LITERACY you will get 4 weeks of:

  • Pocket Chart & Match-up Centers
  • Writing Center Activities
  • Puzzle and Write & Wipe centers
  • Poetry Centers
  • Write the Room Centers

 In MATH you will get 4 weeks of:

  • Partner Games
  • Write and Wipe  Centers
  • Write the Room Centers
  • Dice Centers
  • Puzzle and Match-up Centers

 The May Math and Literacy Centers for Pre-K will include activities that practice the following skills and concepts:

  • Math: Graphing, 2D/3D Shapes, Ordinal Numbers, Patterns, Subitizing, Heavy/Light, Ten Frames, Number ID, Addition, Number Writing, Sorting, Subtraction...and more!
  • Literacy: Poetry, Writing, Sequencing, Sight Words, Beginning Sounds, Alliteration, Compound Words, CVC Words, Ending Sounds, Syllables, Upper and Lowercase Letters, Rhyming...and more!

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