S Blends Craft Bundle
S Blends Craft Bundle
S Blends Craft Bundle
S Blends Craft Bundle
A Dab of Glue Will Do

S Blends Craft Bundle

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These s blends crafts worksheets are perfect for students who are learning blends with s in them: sp, sk, sc, sm, sn, st, sw


Simply print and craft with templates ready to copy on colored paper. No tracing needed which will save you hours of time. Your students will cut and glue their paper crafts and will then have s blend worksheets to match each paper craft activity.


These consonant blend crafts and s blends worksheets for kindergarten are also perfect to support First grade curriculum.


This Print and Craft Bundle includes 7 letter blends projects to cover:

  • spider
  • skateboard
  • scarf
  • smoothie
  • snake
  • stapler
  • sweater


What's inside the s Blends Bundle for EACH craft:

  • templates for the art project, ready to copy on colored paper
  • s blends worksheet


This Print and Go Paper Craft is part of a larger year-round, MEGA Growing Print and Craft Bundle. To get more information on that, click HERE.


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