SeeSaw Digital Mega Bundle for SeeSaw Distance Learning {Pre-K, K, & 1)
SeeSaw Digital Mega Bundle for SeeSaw Distance Learning {Pre-K, K, & 1)
SeeSaw Digital Mega Bundle for SeeSaw Distance Learning {Pre-K, K, & 1)
SeeSaw Digital Mega Bundle for SeeSaw Distance Learning {Pre-K, K, & 1)
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SeeSaw Digital Mega Bundle for SeeSaw Distance Learning {Pre-K, K, & 1)

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This Seesaw Distance Learning Digital Learning Packet for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade is a Growing Bundle and is perfect for sending home with students for literacy games and math games and students can do at home. These will help your students with remote learning math and remote learning ELA. And they are also perfect to use as smartboard activities or on tablets for in-classroom learning. 

Pre-K, Kinder, and First Grade remote learning doesn't have to be hard. We can assign these Seesaw activities in this digital learning bundle to our students and their families through see saw instead of a printed packet of worksheets to make home learning time easier.

 You can send home families digital learning phonics games and digital learning math games with this growing bundle of Seesaw Distance Learning activities you assign. Your students can work at home with these standards-based show that you know games. This is perfect for distance learning first grade but can be used in classroom as well.


The Mega Distance Learning Bundle includes Kindergarten Distance Learning skills, PreK Distance Learning skills and 1st grade distance learning (first grade distance learning) skills so you can differentiate for your students... send the first grade skills to your more advanced students and the preschool skills to your kids who need a review. This is our all-inclusive distance learning bundle and includes every digital game we've made.

 Not using SeeSaw? You can grab our Google digital 1st Grade Distance Learning skills.

It includes:

Seesaw Reading Literacy Games included in the SeeSaw Activities Distance Learning Digital Bundle:

  • Alphabet Activities (a slide for each letter)
  • Capital to Lowercase Match
  • Lowercase to Capital Match
  • Uppercase and Capital Letter Sort
  • Do They Have the Same Sound?
  • What Has the Same Sound?
  • Uppercase Ice Cream Beginning Sound Sort
  • Lowercase Ice Cream Beginning Sound Sort
  • Mystery Word
  • What Sound Do You Hear?
  • Flower Rhymes
  • Do They Rhyme?
  • Letters In a Word
  • Words In a Sentence
  • Pick that Syllable
  • How Many Syllables?
  • Segmenting
  • Making New Words - Pick the Picture
  • Making New Words - Pick the Word
  • Pre-Primer Sight Words (Set One)
  • Pre-Primer Sight Words (Set Two)
  • Pre-Primer Sight Words (Set Three)
  • Pre-Primer Sight Words (Set Four)
  • Primer Sight Words (Set One)
  • Primer Sight Words (Set Two)
  • Primer Sight Words (Set Three)
  • Primer Sight Words (Set Four)
  • Colors
  • Comprehension
  • Emotions
  • Spell It - CVC Short A Words
  • Spell It - CVC Short E Words
  • Spell It - CVC Short I Words
  • Spell It - CVC Short O Words
  • Spell It - CVC Short U Words
  • Spell It - CVCC Words
  • Spell It - CCVC Words
  • Spell It - CVCe Words
  • CVC - Pick the Picture
  • CVC - Pick the Word
  • CVCC - Pick the Picture
  • CVCC - Pick the Word
  • CCVC - Pick the Picture
  • CCVC - Pick the Word
  • CVCe - Pick the Picture
  • CVCe - Pick the Word
  • Short Vowel - Finish the Word
  • Short Vowel - Pick the Letter
  • Long Vowel and Short Vowel Sort
  • Vowel Teams - Pick the Picture
  • Vowel Teams - Pick the Word
  • Bossy R - Pick the Picture
  • Bossy R - Pick the Word
  • L Blends
  • L Blends Fish Bowl
  • L Blends Dog House
  • R Blends
  • R Blends Fish Bowl
  • R Blends Dog House
  • S Blends
  • S Blends Fish Bowl
  • S Blends Dog House
  • Ending Blends - Pick the Sound
  • Ending Blends - Pick the Word
  • Mixed Blends - Pick the Sound
  • Mixed Blends - Pick the Word
  • Digraphs
  • Diphthongs - Pick the Picture
  • Diphthongs - Pick the Word
  • Trigraphs - Pick the Picture
  • Trigraphs - Pick the Word

SeeSaw Math Activities included in the Seesaw Distance Learning Digital Bundle:

  • Picture Graph
  • Tally Graph
  • Bar Graph
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Place Value
  • What is Different?
  • What is the Same?
  • What Does Not Belong?
  • Picture Graphs
  • Number Build with Fish
  • Number ID Ten Frames
  • Number ID with Objects
  • Bubble Gum Ten Frames
  • Apple Tree Number Count
  • Subitizing Pick the Number
  • Subitizing Pick the Picture
  • Subitizing Build the Number
  • Decomposing to 10 Missing Part
  • Decomposing to 10 Missing Whole Number
  • Decomposing to 20 Missing Part
  • Decomposing to 20 Missing Whole Number
  • One More
  • One Less
  • Ten More
  • Ten Less
  • Which is Less (Numbers)?
  • Which is Less (Ten Frames)?
  • Which is More (Numbers)?
  • Which is More (Ten Frames)?
  • Ordering Numbers
  • Comparing with Symbol
  • Skip Counting by 2's
  • Skip Counting by 5's
  • Skip Counting by 10's
  • What Number is Next?
  • What Number is Missing?
  • Patterns - What's Next?
  • Name that Pattern
  • Digital Time
  • Analog Time
  • Coin Identification
  • Count the Money (Same)
  • Count the Money (Mixed)
  • 2D Shape Sort
  • 2D Shape Names
  • 2D Shape Attribute Sort
  • 2D Shapes Type in the Blanks
  • 3D Shape Sort
  • 3D Shape Names
  • 3D Shape Attribute Sort
  • 3D Shapes Type in the Blanks
  • Addition to 10 (Version 1)
  • Addition to 10 (Version 2)
  • Addition to 10 (Version 3)
  • Addition to 20 (Version 1)
  • Addition to 20 (Version 2)
  • Addition to 20 (Version 3)
  • Subtraction to 10 (Version 1)
  • Subtraction to 10 (Version 2)
  • Subtraction to 10 (Version 3)
  • Subtraction to 20 (Version 1)
  • Subtraction to 20 (Version 2)
  • Subtraction to 20 (Version 3)
  • Word Problems Addition to 10
  • Word Problems Addition to 20
  • Word Problems Subtraction to 10
  • Word Problems Subtraction to 20

**Please read the step-by-step instructions on how to use this product before leaving a review, getting started, or sending it to your students.**

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United States United States

Mega Bundle

This is full of activities to use in my classroom. They provide fun and practice.

United States United States


This bundle was very helpful at a time when I needed to have all my students on Seesaw. It was a time saver so I did not have to make so many new activiites.

Kelly H.
United States United States

Love the bundle

I am loving having these activities to use with my students. They align with my curriculum and are fun for them to do! Thanks for saving me so much time!

Maegan M.
United States United States


The bundle is awesome! The students and families loved it in the spring when we went to full distance learning. The only downfall is I bought it in Google format and then my district changed us to Seesaw so now I am unable to use it.

United States United States

Seesaw Mega Bundle

Seesaw has been a lifelong during distance learning but I was not savvy enough to create my own activities. This Mega Bundle has taken away my anxiety and saved me hours. There are so many fun activities to choose from that span a wide range of abilities. Totally worth it!