SeeSaw MATH PREK Distance Learning Digital {Growing} Bundle
SeeSaw MATH PREK Distance Learning Digital {Growing} Bundle
SeeSaw MATH PREK Distance Learning Digital {Growing} Bundle
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SeeSaw MATH PREK Distance Learning Digital {Growing} Bundle

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This Seesaw Math Preschool Distance Learning Digital Learning Packet is a Growing Bundle and is perfect for sending home with students for math games students can do at home. These will help your students with remote learning math and are great for back to school distance learning. And they are also perfect to use as smartboard activities or on tablets for in-classroom learning.


PreK distance learning doesn't have to be hard. We can assign these Seesaw math activities in this digital learning bundle to our students and their families through see saw instead of a printed packet of worksheets to make home learning time easier.


You can send home families these digital learning math games with this growing bundle of Seesaw Distance Learning activities. Your preschool students can work at home with these standards-based show that you know games. This is perfect for distance learning prek and distance learning preschool but can be used for in- classroom teaching as well.


Need more grades?

You can get Kindergarten Seesaw HERE.

You can get First Grade Seesaw HERE.


Not using SeeSaw? You can grab our Google Slides digital PreK Distance Learning skills.


The Preschool Distant Learning Seesaw Math Activities includes:

  • Moveable math games (you can assess and grade students' work)


Seesaw Math Games included in the See Saw Activities Distance Learning Digital Bundle:

  • What is Different?
  • What is the Same?
  • What Does Not Belong?
  • Picture Graphs
  • Number Build with Fish
  • Number ID Ten Frames
  • Number ID with Objects
  • Bubble Gum Ten Frames
  • Apple Tree Number Count
  • Subitizing Pick the Number
  • Subitizing Pick the Picture
  • Subitizing Build the Number
  • Patterns - What Comes Next?
  • 2D Shape Sort
  • 2D Shape Names
  • Addition to 5 (Version 1)
  • Addition to 5 (Version 2)
  • Addition to 5 (Version 3)
  • Subtraction to 5 (Version 1)
  • Subtraction to 5 (Version 2)
  • Subtraction to 5 (Version 3)


More Seesaw math activities will be coming soon! We will cover every standard.


**Please read the step-by-step instructions on how to use this product before leaving a review, getting started, or sending it to your students.**


This See saw Activities Digital E-Learning Games Bundle is GROWING which means we are adding more games all the time. When you purchase this bundle, you have access to every game already included AND will get access to all new games as they’re added. You will receive an email every time new games are added.

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